Slovenian guitarist, songwriter, arranger and producer. Born 1973 in Novo mesto. 


Avgustovski kosci (2001)

Vojna in mir (DMP, 2008)

Stratosfera (2012)

Romeo, Julija in tatovi sonca (2015)

V svojem filmu (2017)

Gotcha! (EP, 2017)

Stik (2019)

Deuce (EP, 2020)


Influences: Beatles, U2, Queen, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Gilmour, Clapton, SRV ...

LIVE: One of the most prominent Slovenian pop/roc/blues guitarists. Musically active since late 1980's. Formed Jernej Zoran Trio in late 90's, criss-crossed the country's large and small stages, festivals and venues. Continues to perform with various outfits.

STUDIO: One of the most prolific Slovenian songwriters/artists. Has stringed a series of successful singles and videos since 2011 (regularly featured on Slovenian radio, TV, in press), four full-length albums and two EPs.

Collaborations (Slovenia): former member of pop-rock group Društvo mrtvih pesnikov and various local bands. Has collaborated with Tinkara Kovač, members of Dan D, Tifa (ex Bijelo Dugme), Hamo, Sašo Đukić, ...